Copyright © 2021 SMOGA | All Rights Reserved

Copyright © 2021 SMOGA | All Rights Reserved

Globally, we act within a certain paradigm of making the world better through our system of values (personal inner morality). Even though correcting this system appears to be quite a task, It is highly important not only to us but to the humanity in general.
According to this concept, Smoga may be seen as some sort of beacon for people that helps to find a way to evolve their conscience via informal clothing that reeks of creativity and unconventional thinking beyond any possible perception or even illusions.
Generally speaking, immersing into the philosophy of a brand or a visual idea, one faces a deep willing to make the world a better place.
We drag humanity to the bright side of spiritual enlightenment.
Space out with Smoga
Digital Armor & Comfortable Modern Style
Unrepeatable Style for Digital Space Travellers
Transformation into a New Reality through the Transformation of Smoga Clothes
Eco-friendly Consciousness Concept
SMOGA because You CAN


Brand Creator
Strategic Marketing
Ivan Milanovich
Graphic Designer
Media Production
Assya Inaya
Composer, Singer/Songwriter, Producer


Brand Astrology Consultant
Human Design Analytics
Roman Balsekar
Alexandr Yurievich
Beauty Adviser
Nelli Troschenovskaya
Software Consulting

Alexandr Chutov
Fashion Design Consultant
Valeria Reehard
Brand Production Management

Oksana Owski